Monday, September 24, 2007


Good morning,

You may be asking yourself why I, Ragnar Storyteller, of Viking ancestry, is writing about Native American Folklore.

For several reasons.

I lived in Arizona for 20 years. I fell in love with the traditional Native American culture.

I met and became a very close friend of Willie Whitefeather, a Cherokee Medicine Man.

We shared many cultural stories, Native American and Viking. We both saw a great similarity of the different belief systems.

Willie invited me to visit 4 Corners, Arizona, Land of the Hopis, where I learned a great deal about their prophecies and wisdom.

I have written about some of my experiences on my website.

Both Willie and myself believe in mighty earth changes coming soon.

Vikings call it Ragnarok, the final battle between good and evil.

The Native Americans call it the 5th world.

Willie is a great artist and writer. Most of his writings are in cartoon pictograph form telling great truths.

I don't have any of his cartoons but I remember his stories and great truths.

Willie once told me that the white man is crazy. Why? Because he makes songs up for everything from toilet paper, soda and cars.

A Native American only sings songs to the woman he is wooing and at spiritual pow wows.

He sure got that right. Greedy materialism is driving us to our knees.

About writing.

"If a man has something good or true to say, he will say it in a few words; if it is not good nor true he will talk and talk and try to make it seem good and true and tell you that you must believe him..." (Willie's Grandfather).

Politicians? Lawyers? Preachers? Car Salesmen?

"The only reason that we exist is the fact that our mother earth happens to have a layer of topsoil and that it rains. All the rest is talk..."

As for the earth changes Willie says:


"She is going to blow her nose and powder her face, put on a new dress and fresh makeup and go off in a new direction. And no one can stop a woman from doing that."



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